Senior Groups

How Do I Apply?

Junior and Senior Department forms are available from the CBSM office 29A Fortwilliam Park Belfast BT154AR. Please phone 02890784200 or email for further information

Saturday - City of Belfast Youth Orchestra 8.45am - 12.15pm Mr Paul Mc Bride - Fortwillam-Centre

Saturday City of Belfast Youth Concert Band-9.30am-12.30-Mr Colin Irvine-Fortwilliam Centre

Saturday   Big Band -12.30pm-1.30pm-Mr Nigel Snell –Fortwilliam - Centre

Saturday –Concert Orchestra-9am -12noon-Miss Therese Mc Kinney-Fortwilliam-Centre

Saturday-Divertimenti-9.15am-12.15am-Mr Ciaran Kennedy-Fortwilliam-Centre

Saturday-String Orchestra-9.00am-11.30am-Mr Shane Mc Neill-Fane Street

Friday –Intermediate Band-6pm-8pm-Mrs Wendy Mc Cormack-Fortwilliam-Centre

Friday Harp –Ensemble-7.30-8.30-Mrs Colleen Mongomery-Fortwilliam Centre

W5 –Friday 6.00pm-7.00pm-Miss Gillian Mc Cutcheon

Thursday-Symphonic Brass-6.30-pm-8pm-Mr Robert Briscoe-Fortwilliam   Centre

Thursday –Junior Band-6am-8pm-Mr David Johnston-Fortwilliam-Centre

Wednesday –A-Freek-A 6pm -8pm-John Gillen –Fortwillam Centre

Monday Flute Ensemble 7.30-pm-8.30pm-Richrad Douglas-Fortwilliam  Centre