Classical Guitar & Ukulele

Prospective students are invited to apply from age 7 years upwards. A child’s musical aptitude and suitability for the courses we offer will be determined by an audition. Successful applicants will follow one of 2 courses of study either as a Junior or Senior Student.

It is expected that all students will have access to a guitar or Ukulele

CBSM advocates a holistic approach to learning as we seek to develop the musicality of our students to their best potential. We aim to provide a wide and varied range of musical experiences. It is for this reason that there are a number of elements to each course.

Junior Department

Children may apply in the final term of Year 3 to commence tuition in September of Year 4. Applications are welcomed from complete beginners and those who have had previous learning experience .Auditions are assessed in 2 parts:

 (a) Assessment of aural awareness

 (b) Participation in a short lesson to assess suitability for the instrument. 

Applicants must be successful in both elements to be accepted on to the course. 
Successful applicants will receive a 30 minute lesson, guitar and ukulele are presently taught only on Wednesdays


Senior Department

Students who have successfully passed Grade 2 or who are entered for Grade 2 in the forthcoming summer examination session are invited to apply. Applicants will be required to (a) complete a formal Aural Awareness Assessment (b) audition – perform a piece or their own choice with scales and arpeggios appropriate to their level. A suitable piece of sight-reading will be given .Successful applicants will receive an individual 30 minute lesson. Each student on the main course will attend a 30 minute Theory class (up to Grade 5) and a 30 minute aural class on a weekly basis. Advanced students who have passed Grade 6 and are working towards Grade 7 or above may apply for the Advanced Course which includes a 45 minute lesson, for which there is an extra charge.

Please note that regular attendance at all classes is compulsory

Guitar as a second subject

Applications will be welcomed from students who have reached Grade 2 in another instrument and who wish to learn Guitar as a second study. Students who have already completed the Aural Awareness Assessment for entry to CBSM will be required to complete the audition element only.